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    Aggregate Suppliers West Lancashire

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Bulk Aggregates West Lancashire

Bulk Aggregates West Lancashire

Grits, Gravels, Sands and Recycled Aggregates

MDH supply aggregates and graded recycled materials to construction companies and private customers across West Lancashire. We crush and grade hardcore materials for use as aggregates in addition to supplying various quarry gravels, grits and sands as our customers need.

We endeavour to use as much recycled aggregate as possible crushing containing these materials within the project to reduce your expenditure and minimising environmental impact.

Industrial Crushing and Grading Services

Industrial Crushing and Grading Services

We crush hardcore materials at our yard and into various grades. Raw material is pre-sorted to ensure that no unwanted materials enter the recycling process before the material is dry crushed to produce a high quality recycled product that will meet any specification.

Our Aggregates and sands are tested on a regular basis giving you confidence that the aggregates you receive will match your construction projects exact requirements.

Bulk Aggregates West Lancashire

Industrial Aggregate Supply Lanchasire

We specialise in the supply of bulk deliveries of sand, aggregates, and recycled crushed aggregates. MDH Services group Ltd Ltd use our modern crushing plant to ensure that all recycled material produced is of the highest standard. We have strict quality control to ensure crushed our hardcore always meets clients specification.

Our expertise in Bulk Earthworks includes:

Recycled Graded Crushed hardcore
Road Planings
Fine Sand
Coarse Sand
As Dug Soil
Screened Soil
Washed Clay

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Just A Few of Our Clients

Just A Few of Our Clients

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